Note and Shine meaning: (A play on rise and shine)

Take the day by storm. Complete that to-do list and move closer towards your goals, all the while remembering to take care of you.

As a self-confessed planner/stationery addict, I wanted a place that would allow me to easily organise and note down everything, from reminders to meditate and motivating quotes to my daily work aspirations. I also knew that the best way to be productive was to make self-care my top priority.

So after completing my degree in graphic design and working as a freelance designer for a number of years, I took my love for minimalism and designed a formula in the form of stationery that has allowed me to create a happy and meaningful work-life balance, that was just too good not to share.


As a lover of both quality and sustainability, I source only luxury eco materials, and print each piece with vegetable based inks or eco-friendly toners in print studios around the U.K.

Kelsey xx

Graphic Designer & Founder

Founded in late 2018 Note and Shine® Based in London.